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Musical Instrument Repair in Durango, Colorado

Turtle Lake Instruments is a repair and restoration service for stringed musical instruments. It’s also the home of JC Baxendale’s fine handmade guitars. For more information about world-class flat top guitars made by luthier John C. Baxendale, please visit

Turtle Lake Stringed Instruments is located in Durango Colorado and serves a large geographical area in and around the “Four Corners.”

Turtle lake offers professional and top quality setup, repair, and restoration of all brands and models of stringed instruments with the exception of Pianos).

Greater Durango has a fantastic, diverse, and growing music community. We are dedicated to keeping the music playing! Whether it’s a touring professional musician just passing through, one of our many music educators, or an elementary school violinist, we will make sure to help you keep playing with timely and professional instrument repair. 

Some (but not all!) of the many instruments we have repaired over the years include:

Violin Repair

Violin family instruments – including full and student sizes of violin/ fiddle, upright bass, cello, and viola. 

Mandolin Repair

Mandolin family instruments including octave mandolin, mandola, and mandocello.


Guitar Repair

Including acoustic, electric, bass, nylon/classical, flamenco, tenor, baritone, archtop, resophonic, etc.

Banjo Repair

Banjo family instruments – including Banjolin, Bouzouki, Guitalele, Ukulele

Instrument Repair

Dulcimer, Balalaika, Bandura, Charango, Domra, Sitar, Tiple,Tanpura,Tiple, Banjolele, Vihuela, Guitaron, and Auto-harp.

Turtle Lake Instruments

Taking Care of Instruments & Musicians in the Four Corners Region.

 Turtle Lake Instruments strives for clear communication with customers ​and timely completion of services. 

We stand behind our work and are dedicated to the highest quality craftsmanship utilizing proven traditional techniques such as hot hide glue, french polishing, and the highest quality solid wood.

Vintage and historically important instruments are handled with a minimally invasive approach to preserve future value as much as possible.

The field of instrument repair is constantly evolving, and when appropriate, modern methods and current best practices are used to keep costs reasonable. 

Having the equipment and ability to fill bone nut slots with light-curing dental amalgam is an example of a modern technique that simultaneously keeps coast down and is minimally invasive.

The Turtle Lake shop is tightly humidity-controlled, and all instruments are fully insured for their stay.

Guitar Repair in Durango, Colorado

While we repair all instruments at our shop, we often work with many common guitar repairs.

Some common guitar repairs we work with include:

  • Re-fret and set-up
  • Pickup Install
  • Re-string
  • Crack repairs and touch-up
  • Set-up with fret level
  • Neck re-set with a new saddle and fret dress
  • Bridge re-glue
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Much more!

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Turtle Lake Instruments

Instrument and Guitar Repair in Durango, Colorado.

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