Common Instrument Repairs & Adjustments

Common Guitar Repair Pricing

Inspection and estimate for repairs

$ free


$36 + strings

Strap button installation

$36 + parts

Minimum Repair Fee


Set up with fret level

$180+ strings (+$60 if pressing and gluing frets required)

Setup without fret level

$100 +strings

New nut, bone with setup

$175 + bone blank and strings.

New saddle, bone with setup

$150 + bone blank and strings.

Re-fret, complete, including, set-up, new nut, and choice of wire

$480 + bone blank and strings

Re-fret, partial, including set-up

$240 +strings

Pickup install – acoustic, passive

$100 +pickup ($20 discount on setup)

Simple crack repair without a touch-up

$90 +$20 per cleat

Crack repair requiring filling/finish

$180 and up

Neck re-set (martin dovetail joint) –Includes new saddle and fret dress

$500 +strings

Bridge re-glue


Bridge replacement

$360 + $25 wood blank

Brace re-glue

$90 +$50 per additional brace

Unslotted bridge pin conversion

$90 + pins 

Common Violin Family Repair Pricing (Coming Soon)

Turtle lake does not currently offer bow rehairing service. Matt Palmer (970) 749-0552 offers bow rehairing here in Durango.

Brass, woodwind, and band instrument repairs in Durango are offered by Roger Smith (970) 426-9352.

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